Friday, April 16, 2010

Composition Resources

This is a link to the "Thesis, Organization, Development" section of Randy Rambo's composition web pages. This section includes the two pages we looked at yesterday in class: Organizing and Developing Persuasive Paragraphs, which gives an 'x-ray' of a persuasive paragraph, and Example of a Persuasive Paragraph, which takes a complex paragraph from a student paper and breaks it down into its component parts. Along these lines, I also recommend Bad Paragraph/Good Paragraph, which provides contrasting examples of a "bad" (under-developed and poorly organized) paragraph and a good (well-developed and tightly organized) paragraph, and discusses each one in detail.

The "Thesis, Organization, Development" page includes many other topics that apply directly to your work for this class, including The Thesis Statement and Creating an Outline for an Essay.

On the left hand side of the "Thesis, Organization, Development" page, you'll find links to other sections on the writing process, grammar, and style.

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