Thursday, May 20, 2010

Identifying Perspectives

During this afternoon's class we will be discussing a packet of newspaper and magazine articles related to labor issues in meatpacking. We'll work in groups, with each group discussing one article and presenting the article and their conclusions to the class.


1. Read the article and make informal notes before you discuss it with your group. As you read, answer the following questions in your notes:

  • What basic problem or controversy does the article discuss?
  • How many "sides" or perspectives are represented in the article?
  • For each perspective, identify the following:
    a. the speaker who presents each perspective
    b. the organization or social group that speaker represents
    c. the speaker's basic argument or position (summarize briefly).
  • Evaluate each argument or position: What are its strengths? Its weaknesses?

    2. Discuss the article with your group, relating it to Eric Schlosser's "The Most Dangerous Job."

    3. Groups: briefly describe your article and present your findings to the class.
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