Monday, November 15, 2010

Online Peer Review

Please locate your classmate's essay draft on their blog and evaluate it by following the instructions below. Type your evaluation in a word processor, then cut and paste it into a comment on your classmate's blog post. Your work on today's peer review will be graded equal to an annotated bibliography.

Due: On classmate's blog on Monday, 11/22 by 1pm


1. Does the introductory paragraph include a thesis statement? Show the writer which sentence or sentences you think make up the thesis by writing "I think the thesis statement is:" and copying them out. Evaluate the thesis by explaining whether it is simple or complex, according to our previous discussion in ENG101.

2. Choose one body paragraph to focus on. Is the body paragraph structured by a major claim? (Usually the first sentence.) Show the writer which sentence you think is the major claim by writing "I think the major claim of this paragraph is:" and copying it out. Evaluate the organization of the paragraph by explaining whether everything in the paragraph relates to the major claim.

3. Evaluate the organization of the essay by explaining whether the major claims of the essay relate directly to the thesis. Are there any major claims that do not seem to relate to the thesis? List them. Is there anything in the thesis that is not developed in a major claim? Explain.

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