Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evaluation Questions for Presentations

Please answer the following questions as each group presents their problem-posing exercise.

1. Define the problem.
A. Do you understand the problem this group is presenting?
B. Where could this group benefit from development or clarification in their presentation of the problem? Be specific: list words, phrases, or ideas that need work.
C. Is there any aspect of the problem that this group has not considered or explained?

2. Give a quotation to support your definition and explain how the quotation relates to your definition.
A. Did the group choose an effective quotation to represent their problem?
B. Does the group provide enough context for you to understand the quotation or give it the proper weight? Be specific: What else would you need to hear in order to understand the quotation? Did the group provide any context that you didn't need?
C. Does the group adequately explain the quotation and how it relates to the problem they are presenting? What could this group do to develop and clarify their explanation?

3. Personalize the problem.
A. Does this anecdote or personal experience help you to understand or identify the problem?
B. Would you say that this "personalization" relates directly to the problem, or is the group using a comparison to make their point?

4. Describe solutions to the problem that have been tried and failed.
A. Did the group present solutions to the problem or previous conditions where the problem didn't exist?
B. What solutions or previous conditions might the group have presented?

5. Invent your own solution.
A. Does the group's solution address the problem directly, through its real causes?
B. Do you think the group's solution would work?

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