Monday, March 22, 2010

Research Assignment #1

Due: Thursday 3/25
Requirements: 1 quotation

There are several steps to this assignment:

1. Critical Reading: Choose an issue, problem, or topic that interests you from your reading of Eric Schlosser's "Behind the Counter." Your topic may come directly from Schlosser, or it may be taken from class discussion or chosen in response to a classmate's blog entry. It is okay to use the same issue you wrote about in Response #2.

2. Independent Research: Using LexisNexis Academic or LexisNexis Academic (New York York News Search), find a good article that relates to your issue. In other words, find an article that provides new and useful information or a new and different perspective that helps you understand the issue better. In general, longer and more comprehensive articles are better sources for this kind of research.

3. Writing with Outside Sources: Write a blog post about your issue, using the article you found to address it. Remember to use your best skills in quoting and/or paraphrasing the source.

4. Citation: Cite your source at the bottom of the post using the following format
Last Name, First Name. "Title of Article." Title of Publication. Date of Publication.

Later in the semester we'll be using MLA format, which is very similar to this. You use MLA here, if you are already familiar with it.

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