Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sample Blogs

Here are links to some blogs that I think are good. They're not related to the cluster topic (which your blog should be) but each of them has a theme and actively engages with that theme through regular posts. Some of them might be run by more than one person, so don't be intimidated if the volume or frequency of the posts seems very high.

Gaping Void
Yellow Menace: Asian Pop Culture Upside Your Head
Strange Maps
Arbogast on Film
I Love Typography
Motomachi's Vending Blog

The last one (a favorite) requires some explanation: this person in Japan photographs a particular vending machine every day, tracking changes in the products sold in the machine and their placement, the advertising campaigns that are featured on the machine, and the price of the goods. It's a great, crazy, obsessive project.

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