Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lost in the Supermarket

Although I think the topic of fast food provides students with a terrific entry point into talking about industrial food production, I'm disappointed that we won't have time this semester to cover the industrial food chain that leads backward from the modern supermarket. At some point in the future, I may re-tool the course to include that material. The best article I've found so far is Raj Patel's "Checking Out Supermarkets" from his amazing book Stuffed and Starved. I think this article would work extremely well with a unit on supermarket design.

Here is Stuffed and Starved at No preview, unfortunately.


  1. Interesting stuff, read those earlier posts. Don't mind me, I'll be simply following this out of interest. Oh, and I got here via Prof. Lizzie McCormick's ENG102 Blogger, so I'm not a crazed internet stalker of anything professor! =P

  2. Hey, Ryan. You're welcome to follow and comment anytime!